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Our Approach

Talented managers, professionals and support staff are arguably the most vital ingredient to the success of a business.

In an increasingly ‘promiscuous’ employment market, top talent is in high demand and competition for their services is intense and aggressive.

Whilst the Butler HR methodology embraces advertised recruitment assignments and database searches, experience tells us that flexibility of approach, agility of process, creative concepts, collaboration and open lines of communication with our clients are key to successful outcomes.

Employer Branding

Competing for the attention of top talent has always been the ultimate challenge; but now, more than ever, it's a ‘War for Talent’

The active job seeker who accounts for 20% of the employment market will generally find your advertisement.  But it’s the passive job seeker who accounts for 80% of the employment market, and are widely regarded as the most talented and difficult to attract.

By effectively articulating your Employment Proposition and Employer Brand, you will improve both recruitment and retention results. Butler HR has been at the vanguard of Employer Branding for a decade and continues to invest considerable time and resources to remain ahead of the market.

Butler HR will create a visually appealing proposition to enable your vacancy to stand out in this competitive consumer landscape by effectively promoting your Employer Brand with creative imagery and shrewd media buying and placement.

Butler HR were finalists in the Fairfax Employment Marketing Awards (FEMA) which recognises creative and effective employment advertising and excellence in the field of recruitment.


Job Ad Copywriting

We can write your job ad, so you can launch your recruitment campaign.

Butler HR understand that business owners, HR Managers and anyone responsible for employing people, find it hard, for a variety of reasons, to get the ball rolling and write an effective job advertisement. That’s why most ‘ads’ we see are not ads at all. They’re more like a long-winded ‘position description’ – there’s often no feeling, no pitch and no reason.

Competing for the attention of job seekers can be extremely challenging; sometimes you get too many, sometimes there’s not enough. Then quality is an issue. Do I still advertise in the newspaper, seek, LinkedIn, Facebook, my company page or is there another option?

Getting the right people starts with a job ad; well written, that accurately reflects the vacancy. It needs to be positioned in the right media to attract the right audience.

Butler HR can help. We can write your ad and advise you of the best media option and a way forward. By effectively articulating your Employment Proposition and Employer Brand, you will improve both recruitment and retention results. It won’t cost you an arm or leg either.

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Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing (personality/ability/skills) is widely recognised as a significant element in the recruitment process.

Butler HR and our in-house psychologist can tailor the best available psychometric solution to suit your needs.  We are not aligned to one particular test provider and as such we can offer flexibility and a range of products that best suit your needs.  We offer personality and EQ profiling, intelligence and aptitude testing, as well as a variety of administrative skills testing, such as typing, error checking, spelling & grammar and filing.

Psychometric testing can have numerous benefits, including :

  • Provide an overview of the candidate’s strength and weaknesses,
  • Generating hypotheses that can be tested with follow-up interviews, CV analysis and referee checks,
  • Talent identification,
  • Avoid mis-hires.

Outplacement Services

Looking for tailored Outplacement Services? Let Butler HR help you find success, again!

Increasingly, redundancy is becoming commonplace in the business world, challenging all involved. Making an employee redundant or losing your job is a stressful experience, no matter what the circumstances.

Butler HR offer tailored solutions and one-on-one client support with a range of tailored outplacement services for the individual and the organisation.

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