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Who is Butler HR?

Butler HR is private recruitment and HR consultancy with 20 years of experience and success. Sensitive to social and HR trends and consumer behaviour, we’re always looking for what’s around the corner. Our focus on marketing and communications strategies is quite different from the more typical transactional sales driven firm. We are high-service people who help ambitious individuals and companies from SMEs to corporates find success. To some, we’re provocative, protagonists, challengers, disruptors but always leaders and experts who can show you a better way.

We choose to work with and for amazing people in all professions and at all levels of management.


Scott Butler, Principal Consultant

Scott’s focus is professional and executive recruitment and HR consultancy across industry, and has been involved in many of the region’s top C-level executive and management teams over the past 20 years.

He has an in-depth appreciation and knowledge of the local employment market and is expert on the best way to promote vacancies and attract the best audience; and get results.

Scott sees Butler HR as a MarComms business specialising in recruitment services. Passionate about employment advertising and employer branding; Scott and Butler HR have earned a reputation for producing ‘attractive propositions’ and have been national finalists in the Fairfax Employment Marketing Awards (FEMA).


Wendy Beard - Recruitment Coordinator

Wendy Beard is the Digital Media, Customer & Recruitment Coordinator at Butler HR and runs the office; thoroughly instrumental in doing everything Scott doesn’t.

Wendy is the personification of the versatile creative and honed her talents in the travel, interior design and education sectors as an employee and business owner. She works hard to ensure everyone’s happy and their Butler HR experience is exceptional.

Along with the Customer Experience, Wendy looks after psychometric testing, Butler HR’s digital footprint, and accounts and takes care of all things Scott-related.

Wendy is originally from the UK, has a love for all things colour and interiors related and is a mum to two teenagers, who keep her on her toes!




Gareth McKeen, former CEO-The Cram Foundation

Butler HR provides the best of both worlds by capturing the essence of a regional recruitment agency in terms of personalised approach and understanding of local employment needs but delivered with the professionalism and slickness of a capital city recruiter. Having been on both sides of the Butler HR recruitment process as a client and an applicant, I can testify to the alignment of the process and outcomes for the employer and the jobseeker that Butler HR offers.


Chris Apps, Principal Psychologist Fermion

I have been working with Butler HR for over 20 years and have witnessed first-hand their professionalism, expertise and commitment in meeting the staffing needs of organisations, whether it be permanent or temporary staff. If you demand a Recruitment Consultant who provides superior service and the ability to source the best available candidates, you must talk to Butler HR. Scott and his staff’s ability to craft and present a recruitment process that suits your needs is unmatched.


Steven Johnston, Management Consultant-4th Dialectic

I’ve experienced Scott Butler and Butler HR from both sides of the fence, initially as a candidate and latterly on interview panels for senior positions for an array of clients. As a candidate I was struck with Scott’s integrity and respect for both his client and each candidate by going beyond the literal wording of the brief, to identify the best possible match, not simply the “easy fit”. As a panel member I am continually impressed with and appreciative of Scott’s high personal standards of client care, professionalism and attention to detail in determining each candidate’s aptitude and suitability, how they compare with each other, and their critical strengths for the position to be filled.


Maree Kerr, former General Manager-Illawarra Healthy Cities

My experience with Scott and Butler HR has been of the highest professional standard. As someone seeking an executive position I found Scott consistently provided options of employment due to Butler HR’s expertise, experience and credibility with executive recruitment.


Sinead Tobin-Candidate

I came to Scott on the recommendation of a former colleague and I am so glad I did. Throughout the process Scott went from a recruiter to a trusted confidante. I truly believe he had my best interests at heart, wanting to find the perfect match and not just place me in any open position. I’m now heading into my dream next chapter all thanks to Scott and Butler HR.



Andrew Harrison, Director-Harrison Trading Group

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Scott for his outstanding work in securing a financial controller for my company, Harrison Trading Group. Scott’s dedication and remarkable ability to find the perfect fit for our team have been nothing short of exceptional.

What sets Scott apart is not just his professional acumen but also the genuine care and consideration he extends to his clients. He truly takes the time to understand his clients and their needs, and it’s evident in the candidates he presents. I couldn’t be happier with the individual he found for us, and their impact on our financial success is already evident. Thank you, Scott, for going above and beyond to help our company thrive.

Our Clients

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